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Also, it lets a user call victim phone and listens to the surrounding noise in real time.

How To Record Secret Voice from Android Mobile

The FoneTracker acts as an ambient recording app, ambient listening app, hidden voice recorder, and spy voice recorder. To use it you need to get into the official site of the app fonetracker.

Secret Voice Recorder HD

After installation open it and fill ID and password. Hide the app in victim phone and begin to spy. You can activate this feature through the control panel and listen to the surrounding noise of the target phone. Also, the recording of those can be made and save on own device.

Spy on all Voice Recording That Are Stored on Android Phone | BlurSPY

The feature is of great to use when you wish to know where children are. If they are in school you can listen to the classroom bell noise, children talking, etc. To listen to the surrounding activities noise of the target phone nothing can be best option apart from FoneTracker. Sign in. Log into your account.

Password recovery.

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BlurSPY Voice Recorder A Full Package

Secret Voice Recorder is the best app among others hidden voice recording app in the market with full no-limited features. We could even hide Secret Video Recorder icon, so that nobody know app is installed inside your phone. Attached Files app-release.

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